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About Kave Home

Francesc Julià owns Kave Home and Julià Grup. As a lathe operator, he recognized the solid potential of the furniture industry through his unique entrepreneurial vision. Twenty-two years ago, he founded a local furniture supplier that has grown into a top international furniture design, manufacturing, and distribution company present in 80 countries. It is only possible to achieve that by working with genuine passion. They strive to become the industry leader in furniture, design, and decoration. Perfectionists looking for unique products and styles who are always ahead of the curve can count on them to go above and beyond. Their purpose? To make high-quality design products and deliver them with good service. They're not sending rockets to the moon (yet), but we are having their products in record time and making significant investments in cutting delivery times.

What they sell 

The Kave Home online shop offers home decor and furniture for houses, offices, and gardens. Furniture and decoration with personality for homes. Thank you for your time. Keep up with me! So that you can take a step into your house, which Kave's associate makes a home for you. 

Best Products

Top-rated Kave Home products are their best sellers.

Artificial plants. It costs 12.40 per piece for two units of Kave Home Palmera (18 cm). There are mirrors. It measures 6 x 80 x 180 cm. Table for dining. There is a Kave Home Argo (119 cm) available. The carpets. The 41.40 is the Eligia (120 x 120 cm) from Kave Home. Lamp for the floor. There are 420. - Kave Home Powell (175 cm), The result will be a luxurious look for your home.

Sales and offers

Discover all their offers at Kave Home and take advantage of special discounts and promotions. You will find special limited-time offers on their There are several promotions for furniture and decor, like discount vouchers, sales, free shipping, and more. So what are you waiting for?

Return policy

If unsatisfied with your order, you have 14 calendar days to return or report an issue. Accessing "My Account" is all you need to do to process it. You can return an order by logging in and going to "My Orders." Click on "View Order." Select the item to return and specify the quantity. You can complete a return or incident request by selecting the appropriate option. If applicable, specify when you'd like to be collected. The process will undoubtedly be sped up with their support! 

Shipping Policy  

Delivery indoors by appointment only.You will receive your order in any room in your house on the date indicated on the product sheet. They will contact you by phone one day before the delivery to inform you of that time. 


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Kave Home price list

Kave Home Full Argo round glass table with steel legs with black finish Ø 119 cm £326
Kave Home Persis blanket in grey and blue, 125 x 150 cm £21.25
Kave Home Karenina cotton and linen tablecloth in green 150 x 250 cm £25.5
Kave Home Julia desk 120 x 65 cm £589
Kave Home Beige Quinby stool height 75 cm £105
Kave Home Anit table 120 x 75 cm £201.6
Kave Home Fresia blue cushion cover Ø 45 cm £3
Kave Home Tamanne 100% linen round cushion cover in terracotta Ø 45 cm £8
Kave Home Mirna apron in green linen and cotton £19.99
Kave Home Amarantha 100% cotton cushion cover with multicolour fruit prints in green, 45 x 45 cm £24.5
Kave Home Set of large and small Shun bowls in beige porcelain £7.79