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About Tubhome UK

Tubhome is UK-based and owned by Marc Intelligent System, a company founded in 2001 with extensive experience in e-commerce. Since the beginning of 2008, Tubhome has been located in PTA, an important European business park. It does not have a showroom but rather sells through its online shop. The philosophy of Tubhome is to always offer the best price, quality and service to its customers. 

What they sell

Tubhome promotes permanent stock of all its products in the logistics centre accessible directly through the web, on which real-time stock data is present every moment. It has an online sale on whirlpools, hot tubs, jacuzzis and outdoors to make your baths relaxing and refreshing. It recognizes the importance of space for customers' relaxation through hydromassage, which is why it designs all of these products for your comfort. The prices at Tubhome range from £608.00 - £2,397.00

Best Product

The best product of Tubhome is its outdoor whirlpool/hot tub from Spatec, having a steel structure, which is why it is highly durable and maintenance-free, with a maximum capacity of 7 people.

Brand Review

Tubhome has been rated an average of 3.5 stars out of 5 on behalf of its controlling quality at source.

Sales and Offers

Tubbhome specialises in the design and sale of whirlpool baths, currently offering a sale of up to 35 percent, which is why it has a wide variety of bathtubs for interior use of the SPAtec Brand.

Warranty Conditions

The products marketed have a two-year warranty from the date of delivery of the item, and the guarantee only covers manufacturing defects, not including those caused by negligence, bumps, misuse or improper handling, incorrect voltage or installation not made by authorised Technical Service when appropriate. On receiving the products, if they do not meet the guarantee conditions, Tubhome will return them at the buyer's expense.

Shipment Policy

Although Tubhome is always stocked, the delivery time varies depending on the products. However, Tubhome aims to deliver the products in stock on the same day. You can check the product's description to know when you will receive your chosen item.