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-20% Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket - Single - 150x 200cm - Experience Comforting Embrace for Restful Nights Introduce tranquility to your bedtime routine with the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket, crafted meticulously to enhance your sleep quality and alleviate stress. This non-medical solution is designed to provide gentle pressure stimulation, akin to a soothing hug, reducing anxiety and promoting deeper, more restful sleep. Constructed with the utmost dedication to quality, the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket features a top layer of breathable cotton that meshes seamlessly with any decor while ensuring all-season comfort. Beneath this layer, dual quilted microfiber layers encase fine glass beads, ensuring their even distribution across the blanket for consistent, comforting weight. These extra-fine silica glass beads, each less than 1mm in size, are key to the blanketundefineds effectiveness. Enclosed in well-crafted 10x10 cm pockets, they provide the perfect amount of weight to trigger the body’s undefineddeep touch pressureundefined response. This response helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being hugged or held, which is immensely reassuring and calming. The additional polyester padding enhances the luxurious feel of the blanket, providing plush comfort that invites you to wrap up and unwind, whether it’s the end of a long day or a lazy weekend morning. With a focus on longevity and customer satisfaction, the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket comes with a robust 10-year warranty, coupled with rigorous quality assurance testing. This ensures that your investment not only transforms your sleep but does so for many years to come. From easing the transition to sleep to helping you feel secure and serene throughout the night, the Emma Hug Weighted Blanket is more than just bedding—itundefineds a therapeutic companion that offers a comforting embrace anytime you need it. Upgrade your sleep experience and wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day.

Emma Hug Weighted Blanket

Emma Matters
-20% Emma Bed Linen Fitted Sheet Percale 200 TC 090x190 Plain

Emma Bed Linen Fitted Sheet Percale 200 TC 090x190 Plain

100% Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet - Single - 90 x 190cm - White - Experience Cool Comfort All Night Long Enhance your bedding with our 100% Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet, meticulously designed to offer unparalleled comfort and optimal temperature regulation throughout your sleep. Made from high-quality 200-thread count cotton percale, this fitted sheet is a staple for anyone seeking a restful, allergy-free night. Crafted using a precise weaving technique, our cotton percale boasts a thread count that optimally balances softness, durability, and flexibility. The tight weave not only creates a soft, matte finish that feels luxurious against your skin but also promotes enhanced airflow. This vital feature allows for effective dispersion of excess humidity and ensures better temperature regulation, keeping you comfortably cool all night long. Additionally, the nature of the percale weave helps to prevent dust accumulation, making our fitted sheet an excellent choice for reducing allergens in your sleeping environment. Equipped with elastic all around, the sheet guarantees a perfect fit for your mattress, staying smooth and wrinkle-free. We understand the importance of quality assurance, which is why we accompany our Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet with a 30-night trial. This allows you to truly experience and appreciate the exceptional quality of our bedding in the comfort of your own home, risk-free. Perfect for use in any season, our fitted sheetundefineds breathable properties and moisture-wicking capabilities ensure a consistently refreshing sleep experience. With every wash, the fabric becomes even softer, enhancing the comfort and extending the lifespan of your bedding. Opt for our 100% Cotton Percale Fitted Sheet and transform your bed into a haven of comfort. Itundefineds not just a fitted sheet; itundefineds a commitment to providing you with a cool, dry, and peaceful nightundefineds sleep, year-round.

Emma Bed Linen Fitted Sheet Percale 200 TC 090x190 Plain

Emma Matters

Emma Foam Pillow 70x40

Emma Original Pillow - 70 x 40 cm - Precision Comfort for Every Sleeper Unlock the secret to personalized comfort with the Emma Original Pillow, designed to provide robust support with its versatile adjustable layers, ensuring each nightundefineds sleep feels like a custom-fit experience. This memory foam pillow adapts to all sleeping preferences, making it an essential companion for any sleeper seeking unrivaled comfort. The pillow features a removable and washable cover made from 98% polyester and 2% elastane. Highly elastic, this cover fits seamlessly regardless of the configuration inside, and it maintains its freshness with simple maintenance. Inside, the pillow incorporates a sophisticated three-layer system that harmoniously combines to cradle and support your sleep: The top Gel Memory Foam layer offers a light, comforting embrace, perfectly contouring to your neck while providing optimal warmth without overheating. Below that, the Visco Memory Foam layer effectively distributes weight and relieves pressure across the head and shoulders, enhancing your comfort while retaining just enough warmth to keep you cozy. The foundational HRX Foam layer at the base delivers a plush yet supportive feel, gently easing pressure points and ensuring the pillow feels like a soft cloud. Designed with an open-cell foam structure, the Emma Original Pillow promotes enhanced airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. This feature, paired with the moisture-resistant nature of the cover, provides a breathable sleeping environment, particularly beneficial for sensitive sleepers who value a cool, dry place to rest their head. With a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a 30-night trial period, the Emma Original Pillow invites you to transform your sleeping experience. Adjust the internal layers to fit your unique needs and discover why achieving great sleep is all about where you lay your head.

Emma Foam Pillow 70x40

Emma Matters

Emma Bed Linen Duvet Cover Sateen 300 TC 240x220 Plain


Emma Bed Linen Duvet Cover Sateen 300 TC 240x220 Plain

Emma Matters


Thanks to Emma Mattress, you are no more waking up sweaty in the middle of the night. It is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a cosy, supportive, affordable bed-in-a-box. It is becoming the UK's best-selling mattress for its exceptional comfort and breathability. It is an award-winning mattress that keeps your body cool and dry even on hot nights. It was back in 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany, when the founder of Emma Mattress went to a market to get a mattress but found it too expensive and just not right. He decided to start a journey to disrupt the global sleep industry. What could be a better proof of its reliability and comfort? It aims to alarm people about the importance of sleep in our lives and continues to create products that let you wake up without any laziness and body ache. 

What they sell

Emma Mattresses is now one of the UK's leading sleep brands worldwide. It operates in 20 countries across the four continents, offering good-quality products that are much easier to buy. Its business is scattered internationally and eager to embrace new cultures, values and ideas. Emma Mattress is committed to meeting its buyers' mentality, providing them with satisfying mattresses that the staff itself would prefer to sleep on. The price range at Emma Mattresses is $545 - $1,195.

Best Product

As the name says, Emma mattresses have gained fame through their reliable matresses, which have astounded customers with their pleasure and relaxed sleeping period that allows them to wake up refreshed.

Brand Review

Emma mattresses have been rated between 4 and 4.5 out of 5 stars and embody softness and reliability.

Sales and offers

Stay updated on its exclusive offers and stay in touch with Emma Mattress in future. It is currently offering a flash autumn sale with up to 55 percent off on mattresses, bundles, bed frames and many more.

Discount Program

At Emma Mattresses, students can benefit from a 5 percent student discount by verifying their student status with UNiDAYS.

Return Policy

If the product you received is unsatisfactory, you can return it within 14 days of taking your order so that the company can immediately start the refund process. What could other convenience be other than delivering orders at your doorstep? 

Shipping Policy

Each product of Emma is delivered factory-fresh and neatly vacuum-packed from its warehouse straight to your front door. The delivery time depends on the product you order, which might take a couple of days. It has put strict hygiene policies since the time of Covid-19 to protect its customers and staff. price in United Kingdom between £5.99 to £3649.99 from TOP 19 UK Merchant(s).Get the Latest price for from the Best Sellers like,, & Top Brands like aspire, Fairmont Park, Brayden Studio. Discount Offers price list

Emma One Firm Foam Mattress 18.0 H x 90.0 W x 190.0 D cm £229.99
Visco Therapy (3FT Single, 10 cm) All Foam Foamex Mattress, FIRM comfort £63.84
GFW Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed £179
Sarto Beds Plush Velvet Orthopaedic Divan Bed Set £185
LPD Furniture Pierre Coral Velvet Fabric Double Bed £275
Emma One Firm Foam Mattress 18.0 H x 150.0 W x 200.0 D cm £289.99
Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress 25.0 H x 90.0 W x 190.0 D cm £269.99
Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress 25.0 H x 150.0 W x 200.0 D cm £389.99
Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress 25.0 H x 135.0 W x 190.0 D cm £359.99