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Many efforts are needed if we think about starting a new business and achieving success. For creating a new business or a company, we need different equipment. For instance, if you want to start a catering business, you need investment and high-quality catering equipment like ovens, dishwashers, butcher equipment, and so on. For this purpose, a great brand was founded by Waldermar Moss and Piotr Stach in 2007. It is one of the most preferred brands in the UK, and they have been selling machinery items for industries, catering businesses, etc. They put particular emphasis on the quality of products and prices. EXPONDO provides its customers best quality products at the lowest prices. It is a licensed and experienced company that satisfied more than 1,000,000 customers.


EXPONDO offers over 3,000 different types of machinery, professional tools, and equipment to numerous catering and industrial businesses, it has different categories of products like; catering equipment, professional tools, industrial equipment, sports, health, etc. They also sell low-price second-hand products with good quality and 3 years warranty.


The most popular and best-selling product of EXPONODO is the Inflatable SUP Board, with great features. It has great stability in water and can hold up to 145 kg, and its lightweight aluminium paddles make it easier for boarders to manoeuvre in different directions. This board also has an anti-slip mat and a repair kit for the sake of safety. The price of this product is $299.00 with 30 days return policy.


This product is so popular because of its rating, which is 5/5 based on 6 honest reviews.


Due to their hard work and dedication towards their work, EXPONDO is multiplying in the world of business. They are always concerned with their customer's satisfaction, which is why it has now become the most popular machinery brand in the UK.EXPONDO is a verified company with amazing ratings, which is 4.4/5 on behalf of 5,127 reviews.


EXPONDO often has sales on its online store that attracts customers towards itself and enables its customers to buy the equipment in bulk quantities for their businesses. Recently they have had a sale on their entire store.


EXPONDO offers great deals and discounts. You can get discounts by using EXPONDO promo codes and vouchers.


EXPONDO always tries to provide the best products to the customers, but if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days without giving any reason. You can also return or exchange your product within 30 of your purchase.


EXPONDO provides the facility of free shipping with 30 days return policy and a 3-year warranty for the product.

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out the EXPONDO online store and make your first order. price in United Kingdom between £13.99 to £6049 from TOP 1 UK Merchant(s).Get the Latest price for from the Best Sellers like & Top Brands like Royal Catering, Steinberg, Uniprodo. price list

hillvert Air Conditioner Hose - Ø 125 mm - 10 m length - aluminium HT-DCT-125 £33.99
hillvert Extraction Fan - 65 W - 124 mm - 2488 rpm HT-FAN-125 £129
Uniprodo Factory second Air Cooler - 40 L water tank - 3-in-1 UNI_COOLER_06 £159
Uniprodo Factory second Air Cooler with Heat Function - 4-in-1 - 6 L water tank UNI_COOLER_01 £75
Uniprodo Factory second Air Cooler with Heating Function - 5-in-1 - 6 L water tank UNI_COOLER_03 £65
Uniprodo Factory second Tower Fan - 60 W - 3 speeds - remote control UNI_COOLER_10 £64.54
Uniprodo Air Cooler with Heat Function - 4-in-1 - 6 L water tank UNI_COOLER_01 £89
Uniprodo Factory second Air Cooler - 25 L water tank - 3-in-1 UNI_COOLER_05 £109
Uniprodo Factory second Air Cooler - 3-in-1 - 6 L water tank UNI_COOLER_02 £79
hillvert Extraction Fan - 60 W - 98.5 mm - 2509 rpm HT-FAN-100 £109
Uniprodo Air Cooler - 3 in 1 - 10 L Water Tank UNI_COOLER_04 £59