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Keter price in United Kingdom between £19.49 to £3635.99 from TOP 8 UK Merchant(s).Get the Latest price for Keter from the Best Sellers like,, & Top Brands like Keter.


Keter Folding General Tool Holder Black 85cm H X 76cm W X 55cm D £114.06
Keter 237005 Folding Work Table with Clamps KET237005 £89.59
5' x 3' Keter Hideaway Large 1200L Plastic Storage Unit/ Wheelie Bin Store (1.46m x 0.82m) £255.99
Keter Hollywood Storage Box - Grey Plastic Storage Chest £40
Keter Manor 6 x 8ft Outdoor Garden Apex Storage Shed - Grey £750
Keter Eden Bench Outdoor Storage Box - Grey Grey 84cm H X 140cm W X 60cm D £129.47
Keter Hollywood 270L Storage Box- Graphite Brown 57.3cm H X 117.5cm W X 45cm D £64.64
Keter 870 L Resin Storage Box Dark Brown 86cm H X 147cm W X 83cm D £221.99
Keter 870 L Resin Storage Box Anthracite 86cm H X 147cm W X 83cm D £235.5
Keter - Garden Storage Cabinet Store It Out Max Anthracite and Grey Multicolour £900.99
Keter 570 L Resin Storage Box Anthracite 64cm H X 155cm W X 72cm D £189.85